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These paci’s are a must have! On our third day home from the hospital. He was so fussy and just wanted to nurse 24/7 to pacify himself. We must have tried 8 different brands and he spit every one out until we tried these! They’re the absolute only ones that he would take and five months later it’s still true! Anyone who’s breastfeeding knows how much of a relief it is to have your baby pacify on anything that isn’t you and it was a literal Godsend to find a brand he loves! 10/10 would recommend and I’ve already recommended them to so many friends!

Jen Culp

Omg just got these beauties in the mail and I totally love them I can't say nothing but they're perfect!!! the perfect pacifiers!!! Making my second purchase because there's never enough, especially when I know Dad be losing everything all the time.

Mayra Sánchez

We have been using Luxe + Ro products for a few years now and absolutely love their stuff, especially their pacifiers! My two daughters have always been so particular about the shape and material of their pacifiers, and they both immediately took to Luxe + Ro’s and have been using them since. We also always get a ton of compliments and friends asking where we got their pacifiers and pacifier clips. Luxe + Ro is always so quick to ship and quick to respond to any messages or questions. I always highly recommend her shop when friends are looking for great baby products and will continue to do so

Monica Burgstiner

I absolutely Looooove your Pacifier, I got gifted one for my baby and he Looooved it and it’s the only one he likes so I definitely ordered another one and soon I’ll be ordering more. 🤍 I’ve recommended it to other mommy’s that struggled to find a good paci and they said their babies only took and loved your pacifier !! 🤍

Asusena Tapia

I received Luxeandro pacifiers and clips for my son and was so impressed with the quality and variety of colors! We love how soft they are and not to mention make a great chewy for those teething days too!

Stevie Simonson

Holy cow, BEST.PACIFIER.EVER! My boobie baby took right away--- in the PO parking lot! (I know, I should have sterilized first, but I'm building his immune system.🤪)... I am in TEARS I'm so happy. I'm so glad they're SOFT nipples, unlike all the others we have tried w the same shape! So.. When I order more, I'll ship to my moms. Haha. I just want to say THANK YOU!!! These pacifiers are so perfect!

Brianna Thompson

"Thank you!! I tried like 3 and was about to give up and my husband grabbed a Luxies from the table and it was like an Angel walked in!!

-Trinity Sierra @trinitysierra

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