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Shoes for $25

The cutest little shoes as low as $25.

For a better fit please refer to our size chart ( Measuring your babes foot).

These moccasins can be made with soft sole leather bottoms or suede bottoms ( walkers soles.

Non walkers soles: Bottoms Made from leather same as the whole shoe.

Walkers soles: Bottoms made from suede leather - These come in a toasted color. Made for walkers babe who want comfort and stability.


Get the best size by measuring your little ones foot from heel to toe [ Add 0.25-0.5' of an inche for growing room - optional ]

        Size chart

  • 3.75" - 
  • 4" sole - 
  • 4.5" inches 
  • 5" sole - 
  • 5.5" sole - 
  • 6" sole - 
  • 6.5" sole -
  • 7" sole -

Please allow 3 weeks for your shoes to be made and ready to ship.

Shoes are handmade in USA

MADE TO ORDER. No changes allowed once paid.

No returns or exchanges -Final SALES

(If you have any problem with your moccs please contact me at

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