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Santa Booties with Faux Fur - LUXE + RO
Santa Booties with Faux Fur - LUXE + RO
Santa Booties with Faux Fur - LUXE + RO

Santa Booties with Faux Fur

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Your baby won't gp wromg with these Amazing Red booties, these boots features  inner soles with faux fur [ covered] for support, comfort and stability making your babes look stylish. Comfort and fashion in one pair of baby boots.

Luxe and Ro Shoes are made from 100% Genuine leather. These fringed booties will be made with walkers soles; walkers soles are made from suede bottoms. These walkers soles are non-slippery and great for walker babies and toddler.

For a better Fit PLEASE measure your babes foot.

Get the best size by measuring your little ones foot from heel to toe [ add half an inch for growing room - OPTIONAL ]


Size chart

  • 4" inches
  • 4.5" inches
  • 5" inches
  • 5.5" inches
  • 6" inches
  • 6.5" inches
  • 7" inches 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your SHOES to be made and ready to ship.

**Moccasins are handmade in USA. **

**MADE TO ORDER. No changes allowed once paid. No returns or exchanges***

(If you have any problem with your shoes please contact me at hello@luxeandro.com

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